How to be Alone , but Not Lonely.

Have you ever been in the situation where it actually feels like everyone , everyone you know is in some sort of romantic pursuing relationship? and you really don’t feel you’re exaggerating when you say everyone ?

That’s me , and others , so point a) its not everyone :) These holidays have been rough , in the mindset that all my friends went back to there home towns and out the window my social life went. I spent alot of time at home , alone, but not lonely.

I mean every single girl gets those moments… but so does every girl whose in a relationship and the person they’re pursuing isn’t with them for an extended amount of time. It’s called being a human . We were created to dwell with each other , and not to be alone. 

However in this day in age , i think it’s important for anyone to know how to be alone. How to interact with themselves , because no matter Miss , Mr or Mrs there are going to be moments when you find you’re self in the middle of your home with no one around to entertain your boredom.

How to be alone , but Not Lonely :

  • Educate yourself : i mean learning never really ends , i mean i am in the middle ( i think ) of my post secondary studies and one day ill walk across the stage , get a diploma and be officially done my formal education. However if thats when your learning stops , you’re gonna end up extremely out of date . Study something random , like politics , or stars. 
  • Hobbies , Man oh man have something you do thats for you , and only you , something you can invest into and get better at . I had a moment about a month ago that i needed something in my life that i could work at and get better and invest my time ( and seemingly money ) into . Not only does this give you something to do , but it gives you a passion and confidence to test out your gifts and the things you’re really interested in.
  • Read , even if you are not a ”reader” i believe everyone’s a reader , they just havent found the right book. Corny i know , but truth. Read just because you can , It’s a way to escape the world , yet still enrich your soul all at the same time.
  • Have a guilty pleasure. A complete time waster , a mindless activity that you just veg out for. Mines usually a television show , i have a couple and im really good wasting a whole day with this one.
  • Ect , hey im not a genius theres tons of things you can do . 

I think for the second time in my twenty years of being a being , i am okay with being alone .. and im not lonely. Im not lonely because i’ve learned to occupy my time , i’ve also learned to trust the Lord and his plans for me , and i’ve got the most incredible people in my life, whether far nor near , they exist .

And they exist for you too ! 

P.s These things are not an excuse to hangout by yourself all the time , go be social you were created to interact in amazing relationships!

One thought on “How to be Alone , but Not Lonely.

  1. I agree! Being a single 30 something woman, I too know what it feels like to be alone but I am certainly not lonely. There are so many ways to fill your time as opposed to sulking in your singlenesss. Good suggestions!

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